5 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Escaping

The Radio Frequency Identification works to read your pet’s entrenched ID microchip and allows for access. The microchip is compatible with all common types like 9, 10 or 15 digits. The time has come to stop being a doorman for your pet, and allow it to come in and go out whenever it wants. The High Tech Pet Sliding Glass Door is fully automatic and is designed to keep your dog or cat inside and intruder animals outside. It is an extra large dog door that is perfect for cats and dogs weighing up to 100 pounds.

Or maybe it is simply more convenient and practical to have an electronic dog doors in your home for your pooch. These electronic dog door options below are perfect for the dog owner who doesn’t want to dig into the drywall in order to give a doggy door to their furry friend. Below are a couple of our best electronic dog door options for you and your goliath fur baby. For medium to large breeds, we love the High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door. If you have a dog exceeding that, then you may want to scroll down for the best electronic dog door options suited for your extra-large dog.

Moreover, the illuminated board, audible and visible wire breaks, controls auxiliary switches and variable field width control. More so, the transmitter recognizes a discretionary backup battery that keeps the frame functional in the event of a power failure. Besides, a Power Pet door has a motor drive and neckline. Furthermore, it has a translucent door panel that is of high quality, impervious chewing gum. Moreover, an automatic lockout highlight provides more security for your home, providing a secure front door against intruders and lost creatures.

Best Electronic Dog Door - Pet-Store

Then once through, the door then locks securely behind your pet, reducing the risk of any unwanted animals or strays following your dog into the house. The smart key has an adjustable range up to three feet and the door can be programmed for up to five pets, so good for a multi-pooch family. There are also three modes, so you can choose locked, manual or automatic and the unit is battery operated so no need for wiring. It is also easy to install, although you will need a tunnel extension for thicker doors, and you will also need to buy a conversion kit if the door is to be placed into a wall. But for a solid and straightforward smart pet door at an affordable price, the PetSafe gets the PetSide thumbs up.

The doors and glass arrived on time and were installed at my request at 6am before I started work. George and his colleague were very flexible, professional and accommodating. They offered to test the doors with my new puppy and provided helpful advice. A very friendly team and a pleasure to work it.

An electronic dog door also helps you to have greater control over your pet’s movements at home and where they can and cannot go. They can also work well in an apartment, for example, as a replacement panel in a sliding door. Not all electronic pet doors will work for all dog sizes so it is important to check the door panel size against the size of your own pet to ensure it will fit. The location of the door is also important when considering different products so be clear as to whether you are looking to fit it in an existing door or a wall. Activated via an ultra-sonic collar, the motor driven door has a smooth movement as it slides vertically, and its directional sensors means it only opens when your dog is ready and willing to pass through.

Can’t wait for it. Highly recommend. Overwhelmed with the high level of customer service.

That way, anything that would be trapped in the opening can easily push the door back up. Installing your pet door will vary in complexity, based on the specific model that you’ve chosen. Some sliding glass dog doors simply need to be placed on the sliding door’s track. Before you purchase or install any electronic dog door, it is important to measure your dog to make sure the dog door is big enough for him. There are different types of electronic dog doors available for purchase that operate differently.

What’s more impressive is the accurate, efficient sensor that reacts to the included collar. When placed on your dog the door will detect your pet’s movements and open as he approaches.

It helps lower both your heating and air conditioning bills. Not true! With a pet’s newfound freedom, they might be running in and out the house more often than not. Having a pet door can allow the outside air to come in the house, and if you are in harsh climates, this is not good news. In order to cut down on your energy bills be sure to look for pet doors with strong magnetic strength.

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Glass Fitting Pet Door

For dog doors that are placed inside, this may not be a priority feature. The thermoplastic frame provides solid support, and is impact-resistant.

This cat door for windows allows easy portability and removal. The flap size of this is 7¾” X10¼”. This door also ideally fits in the sash windows.

“Please note this could be a project for ones not handy with a saw, screwdriver, ruler, and pencil. I found the supplied instructions to be very easy to follow along with, and the included cutout helps a lot. The total install time was less than 3 hours. Pet training was extremely easy. Our dog was using the window dog door herself within 2 hours after install.

It is the Hale Omni Pet Door for Sash Windows, Giant flap at a whopping 15 1/2″ wide x 27 1/2″ high. You will need to be able your window high enough (approximately 32″) to accomodate this sash. If necessary, shim around the hole to the thickness required by the pet door.

There are a few pieces of weather stripping that need to be installed too, but it is a surprisingly quick and easy install process. Newer windows often have very narrow tracks, and sometimes the pet door won’t fit into the track.

Unlike other pet door systems, Jim’s Glass provides a fully-integrated solution, meaning the security of your home is not compromised. Other pet door systems operate like an insert panel which can easily be used by thieves to gain entry to your home. Safety and security are paramount to any discerning pet and home owner. Jim’s pet door system provides safety for your pet by allowing them to freely travel between inside and out, with the flexibility to easily lock the door or have it only swing one way to suit your needs at any given time.

The cat door has the flap opening size of 8.25″ W x 10.4″ H. This cat door is also ideal for small dogs and cats. Made with high-impact plastic, this stylish, swinging mesh flap door helps your pet to see through the door.

Once it is removed you simply flip it upside down and slide it right back in. Next you put the screws back in, tighten them all down and you’re finished. Some pet doors rarely require replacement flaps while others might need a new flap as often as once a year. Higher quality pet doors may not require replacement parts for your pet’s entire life, while less expensive pet doors might need new flaps after every rough season. If you don’t want to replace flaps, investing in one of the more expensive pet doors can pay off in the long run.

They can be installed in walls or doors to create new pathways inside your home. Put a dog door in the door that leads to the garage to give your dog an alternative option for outside. Or add one on to your sliding glass door, which is a great option for those who rent. Another reason to have a dog door is to allow your dog access to a room that needs to be closed-off, whether for privacy or temperature control. Complete with a weatherproof barrier and brush-sealed flap, this small dog door will keep out drafts and inclement weather.

Made exclusively for a sash window, this dog door is easy to install or remove, and requires no additional work on your existing window. Dog doors can be safe when chosen and installed correctly. A dog door that is not the right size for your dog or is installed improperly could harm him.

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Dog Doors for Walls

​This wall ​dog door was one of the top picks for a few different reasons, mainly because of how well insulated the door is and because of a few key features that make it convenient and easy to ​secure when not in use. I have been meaning to email you as we have had this awesome pet door in for a big part of our summer and love that it keeps out the heat. We have only noticed one problem and that is the boys, Einstein and Ziggy often enjoy just looking out it.

Of course this means leaving your house basically open to anyone, so it’s probably not the best solution if you’ll be gone all day. Some users report that the PetSafe Door is not easy to install, although other users have found the installation to be simple and straightforward. Additionally, some users expressed concern that while the snap-on closing panel keeps your dog from exiting the home, it is not strong enough to keep humans or animals out. The majority of owners report that they obtained great results from the Perfect Pet All-Weather wall dog door.

A dog door that is designed for the larger dog, with a tough aluminum frame. This dog door has a flap system with a magnetic seal around the entire flap to ensure an airtight seal after your dog has walked through it. The aluminum, telescoping frame can be installed in either a wall or door. The double flap has magnets on three sides, designed for a snug closure.

This is the space between the ground and the bottom of your pet door. The step over needs to be taken into account when you are choosing a flap size.

No, unfortunately the large cat doors do not have tunnel sections. This is one of those cases where you can still use the door, you just need to have your licensed installer build the tunnel and supply the proper hardware. Measuring correctly is crucial in a pet door that your pet will comfortably use their entire life.

Our electronic pet doors give you the option of keeping some pets in and letting other pets out. The selective entry doors recognize each pet’s special collar key, which also helps prevent other animals from coming into your house. Learn more about electronic doors.

There are two ways to accomplish this tunnel. The first and easiest is to purchase a “self-framing” wall mount pet door. This type of pet door will be provided with its own tunnel which is typically adjusted by cutting to fit the depth of the wall in the case of the sturdier wall mounts with aluminum tunnels. Or telescoping for some of the more economy style plastic models.

Managing the controls is really simple with a four-way control knob. You just turn the knob to the lock control that you want, and you can control if the door is locked or what direction your pet can go. The opening is surrounded by a noise reduction edge that also helps keep air flow and dirt out. And now for some micro-picks for every type of dog door you might be looking for.

I recommend it without reservation. The door itself is very nice.That being said, it is not set up to install. I had to adapt it and construct the framing.

Some dog doors are easier to install than others are. Some can be installed in a few minutes with no tools or any skills to speak of, while other require copious amounts of both.

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The 25 Best Electronic Dog Doors of 2019

Building a pet door into a glass door or doors with panels can cost more because more intricate work and more parts are involved. Pet doors allow dogs, cats or other pets to go inside and outside a home without the owner’s assistance. Foam-molded plastic makes up the solid structure of this all-weather budget dog door. The double-flap design maximizes insulation.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should provide enough room for him to go through without any problem. Let’s face it – owning a dog can be a bit of work to the point that some would even consider it next to human parenting! As a dog owner, you want to find some useful tricks and hacks that will let you take good care of your furry friends with ease. One excellent way to do so is by installing a dog door.

Ease of installation. Some dog doors are easier to install than others. Make sure you’re comfortable with the installation process for the model you’re looking at or have a plan to have a contractor install it. Directional sensing system.

Once installed, the door lock conditions can be set manually using a rotary knob to control which way your pet can go. The door responds to your pet’s implanted chip so that you don’t have to get a new one installed.

The door is made of heavy aluminum construction which makes it highly durable. The robust aluminum frame can withstand any heavy use comfortably. When your beloved pet strays from home, it can be shocking for both of you.

A frequent misconception is that all sliding glass doors are the same height. People frequently say “I have a standard height sliding glass door”. Not necessarily so.

Manual pet doors have less upkeep and ongoing costs than the electronic models, while the electronic models are better insulated and may provide more peace of mind. This is especially true for those requiring a large pet door, which could mean outdoor weather coming indoors and the fear of a home intruder entering. Dog doors can be safe when chosen and installed correctly.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality dog door that can potentially serve you for a long time, get the Ruff-Weather Pet Door. Hale door for your furry friend is considered the best dog door for the wall, and rightly so. Hale Pet Doors, Wall Dog Door are weather-resistant due to high-quality materials and a flap lined with fuzzy stripping against different weather conditions. Hale Pet Doors, Wall Dog Door is weather-resistant due to high-quality materials and a flap lined with fuzzy stripping against different weather conditions. Do you want a pet door that is designed specifically for your wall?

While there are inexpensive doors available, you should buy a door that is durable and well constructed. Since you can install the dog door in different areas of your house, you can limit the amount of people who will see the door. So even if you aren’t happy with the door’s color, you can put it in the back or side of your house where fewer people will see it. A lock mechanism will add some control over when your dog goes out and can help insulate the door from outside weather.

This involves skills, tools, screwing etc. This base model system still works well if screwing and cutting and drilling does not bother you. dog door for sliding doors with the Adjustable Screen Door Adapter is the Ultimate in Security and Convenience because it offers numerous benefits compared with all other temporary pet doors. Installing your pet door will vary in complexity, based on the specific model that you’ve chosen.

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Fast Fit Pet Patio Doors™

An exposed sliding glass dog door frame is visible and exposed in the interior and exterior wall. You can see the track the door slides into. A recessed frame is flush with or barely visible in the interior or exterior wall. You can’t see the track the door slides into. If you have a recessed door, you will need a Patio Panel Kit (not included) to install your pet door.

So then the left glass door just locks to the pet door insert normally with the lock in the door handle. The right side of the pet door then locks on to the right glass door. The right screen door is left open to allow the flap to swing in and out of the house. If you are interested in our Base Model patio pet door and you want it to lock, then you need the screen door adapter to transfer the existing sliding glass door lock mechanisms on to. You can’t do this without the screen door adapter as the catch plate needs to be offset past the pet door frame.

Would you rather not cut holes in any walls or doors inside your house? Do you have a sliding glass door with aluminum frame leading out to the patio? Then the Fast Fit Pet Patio Door™ with all of its customizable options is right for you. Provide your pet with easy access to the outdoors with the PetSafe Sliding Glass Pet Door. This door fits your existing sliding glass door with no cutting or drilling needed, and is perfect for apartments and condos.

The bracket comes powder coated the same colour as the pet door. The screw up inside the top panel is concealed. Double-glazed sliding doors with a frame thickness of approximately 30mm or less (ie., the frame the door handle is screwed on to is 3cm thick or less) will typically work. 4.

We got it for our 5 month old puppy, who was doing great ringing the door bells to let us know he wanted to go out, however, he was wanting to go out and survey his land about every 5 min. I work the night shift and being home with him during the day, I was never going to get any sleep. This item has been AMAZING.

dog door for sliding doors can still lock the glass door without screwing (refer lock compatibility section in the checklist steps) but you will not be able to fit the Screen Door Adapter if the glass door is in the outside track. You will need to leave your screen door (if you have one) level with the pet door frame to minimise the gap for insects/air. Patio Panel Pet Doors are the perfect solution for adding pet doors to sliding glass doors. Sliding glass patio doors eliminate the need to modify your sliding glass door framing, or to cut a hole in your door or wall.

You will want to check with your alarm company to determine how this can be avoided. Another installation possibility that is commonly overlooked, is that all pet doors that are designed for temporary installation may be made semi-permanent by fastening them into the track with sheet metal screws. A temporary type panel has the broadest range of installation choices. Sometimes the aluminum panels are not as wide as the tracks on the vinyl sliders, as typically they tend to be about 7/8″ to 1″ in thickness. In some cases customers have actually shimmed in at the top and bottom to make up for any wiggle room in front or behind the panel.

If you are worried about unwanted animals such as your neighbor’s cat or a wild raccoon entering your home via the motion pet sensors, the K9 Collar Tag is pet door option you need instead. The Autoslide system was designed with pet owners in mind.

Its features include a durable aluminum frame with tempered glass plus pile weather stripping, glass sweep and magnetic closure to protect your home from weather and drafts. Meanwhile, a closing panel allows you to control when your pet may use this door. Some customers have tried to shift the fixed panel across to fit the pet door there instead of in the opening.

You will need to consider custom dog doors for sliding door. It’s a great option because you maintain the full width of your opening and use your existing lock/frame. Pet Door Products can custom make one for you with the assistance of a local glazier that you will hire. The other option is to choose the Pet Door Products In the Glass pet door option. Aluminum frame panels will work with vinyl sliding glass doors, but you may need to shim the bottom for stability.

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Enterprise, Enterprise Connect, RFID and happy/creepyness

Just returned back from Enterprise Connect down in Orlando and encountered two different applications of RFID tech – one happy, one bordering a little on creepy.

First, I picked up my car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Hmm, why hasn’t someone done a commercial tie there yet?). The vehicle was equipped with TollPass, a solution that automagically paid the tolls on Florida’s roads as I was driving to and from the airport and rolled them onto the on-file credit card.   Cost is $2 per day with a ceiling of $6 dollars for the entire rental period.

If you’ve every done the whole toll road scene, you know how convenient this is, especially in a rental car on business where you want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

And then we come to the Enterprise Connect 2012 badge. It has an RFID tag in it, which is way more convenient/less awkward than the fumbling world of optical character badge scanners, which usually require two or three tries before they collect data.   The smaller RFID scanners in use at Enterprise Connect just require a quick bump against the plastic badge, so it’s quick and easy to “scan” a badge at a booth or going into a keynote session.

What I didn’t expect was an email shortly after I went into the keynote, asking me to evaluate the session.

I mean, I appreciate the need for feedback and collecting detailed information, but the suddenness of it was a bit jarring. Maybe it’s my closet Luddite/Libertarian streak kicking in, but it might have been nicer to get a single email at the end of the day, I think.

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Pictures from Iceland – Part 3 – Landsvirkjun Power Sog Hydroelectric Plant

Landsvirkjun is the largest producer of power in Iceland. It operates 13 hydroelectric facilities, 2 geothermal facilities and one fossil fuel backup plant.

We got to visit one of the oldest operating plants in the country sitting on the Sog River, Irafoss Station. There are three hydro plants in total running along the Sog, which starts to the Northeast of Reykjavík at Lake Þingvallavatn and runs westward down to the sea.  Irafoss is in the middle. From the outside, there’s little to indicate what’s going on in this little building, other than the big wires and transformers outside.  Originally built in 1953, the plant got a  makeover/rebuild a couple of years ago, including a new structure with aluminum outer siding. Inside, at ground level, it’s just like any other office building in Iceland, complete with the obligatory artwork. You take an elevator about 30 meters down to the generator room to see and hear/feel what’s going on.  It’s noisy with the hum of the generators going, but you don’t have to yell to be heard. There are three generators, two Westinghouse, one made by ASEA of Sweden, all dating back to 1953 and still generating power today. Amazingly, there’s no “end-of-life” planned for the power hardware. They are given pristine care and get a preventive maintenance overhaul every couple of years.  However, the monitoring and control electronics are all shiny new and modern, abet a little dull in their cabinets. A floor below, we see the underground river flow as the water continues downward. To exit, we walk past the “bottom” of the three steadily turning generators and into a sloping tunnel to reach the outside and the welcome sunlight.

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Pictures from Iceland – Part 2 – Reykjavik Energy Hellisheiði Geothermal Plant

It was a dark and rainy morning – dark because in February the sun doesn’t rise until 9:30 to 10 AM local time, rainy because that’s what the weather is like – when we headed out into the mountains above Reykjavik to visit the Hellisheiði Power Plant.

Hellisheiði Power Plant is the biggest geothermal plant in Iceland, if memory serves.  Ultimately, the plant will deliver 300 MW of electricity and 400 MW of thermal energy (hot water).  Hot water is piped down to Reykjavik to heat buildings and pools; some of it is even being used to melt snow on sidewalks and new-build roads.

Future plans include building a huge greenhouse in space set aside for an industrial park to grow cherry tomatoes for Marks & Spencer.

Inside, there’s a big pretty wooden staircase that doubles as seating for school groups who come to visit the place.  Bigger businesses in Iceland seem to be keen on making money in as many was as possible, so the welcome center makes some side cash charging tourists admission.

At the top of the stairs, there’s a floor-to-ceiling video display illustrating and describing the various functions of the plant. It’s very high-tech.

Groundwater comes out of the boreholes at 300 degrees C, goes through one set of heat exchanges to drive power turbines, then a second set of heat exchanges to heat up water.  At the end, the cold(er) water is re-injected into the ground.

Up another floor, there are more elaborate set of exhibits, and views of the heat exchanges and turbines, with a balcony overlooking the turbine power room.  During tours, they push back a sliding glass door so you can get a better view of the equipment and hear the powerful hum of the generators. I’m drawing a blank as to what these things are, but they look cool. Back out front, you can see it’s now dawn – around 10 AM – and there’s no ice or snow in the parking lot. Hmm. Wonder how they work that trick, eh? You’ll note the surrounding vacant land where eventually you’ll have some industrial business put up.

Geothermal power is currently 30 percent of Iceland’s total energy mix. The other 70 percent is hydroelectric, but power plant construction moving forward will be almost all geothermal and maybe some wind power.  Hydro is “out” due to environmental and tourism considerations.

Wind makes some sense, given the strong winds.  It will be used to off-load/complement hydroelectric power.  When the winds die down, hydro will be used to pick up the power generating load; in the States, there are all sort of elaborate schemes to buffer/store energy when the wind dies down.  In Iceland, hydro is the “battery” for wind power.

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Vodafone Iceland mobile coverage rocks

For under $20, I picked up a 5 GB pre-paid data Vodafone Iceland mini-SIM for my iPad

Had to go to the local mall to get it since the airport duty-free store didn’t carry ‘em, but no biggie since everyone traveling to a different country for the first time should go to the mall and hang.

During the Verne Global press adventure, we went into the mountains on the second evening of the trip and off-road out of sight of civilization — but I was still able to get 2-3 bars of 3G signal!

Similarly, when we drove up above the capital and around the mountains on the last day to visit the geothermal and hydroelectric plants, I had no problem checking on things from my bus seat as we were zooming along at who-knows how many miles per hour.

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Pictures from Iceland – Part 1 – Verne Global data center

Door number 1 of 5 doors to get to the server area in Verne Global’s data center. There’s a security checking photo ID before you go into the man trap (doors 2 & 3), followed by at least 2 more doors.

Equipment deliveries have a similar man-trap style arrangement for vehicles before they can unload.

After you get through the man-trap, you’re in a small lobby area with a couple of pictures on the walls. Everywhere you go in Iceland, you’ve got some token of fine art work in the form of paintings and/or statutes.

Through another card-key door, we move into Colt pre-fab data center land.  Everything you see in white and shiny metal is built by Colt, designed for shipment and quick assembly into data center space into any “raw” space.  It took four months from shipping from the UK to Iceland into ready-to-use commissioning — including burn-in testing of power and air circulation — with Verne providing the empty warehouse space.

The outside of the data center Colt pre-fab space. The bright orange bottles are environmentally-friendly fire suppression gas, a mix of argon and nitrogen which is “unpleasant” to breath when discharged, but won’t kill you.

All of this is just one big frickin’ warehouse.  Bonus points for cooling with the big concrete slab that happens to conveniently double as a cold sink.

Above is outside air intake and air sampling gear. Outside air is use for “free” cooling.  Since Iceland is pretty cold and wet for over half the year, you can simply suck ambient air through the facility to keep the servers at a comfy temperature.

If there’s too much particulate matter in the inbound air — local fire, random volcanic ash (But VERY unlikely, the data center is on the southwest part of Iceland while the active volcanoes are on the other side of the island and the wind blows eastward towards Europe — no problems in the capital, very annoyed air travelers) — the air intakes shut down and air goes into recirculation mode.

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