5 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Escaping

The Radio Frequency Identification works to read your pet’s entrenched ID microchip and allows for access. The microchip is compatible with all common types like 9, 10 or 15 digits. The time has come to stop being a doorman for your pet, and allow it to come in and go out whenever it wants. The High Tech Pet Sliding Glass Door is fully automatic and is designed to keep your dog or cat inside and intruder animals outside. It is an extra large dog door that is perfect for cats and dogs weighing up to 100 pounds.

Or maybe it is simply more convenient and practical to have an electronic dog doors in your home for your pooch. These electronic dog door options below are perfect for the dog owner who doesn’t want to dig into the drywall in order to give a doggy door to their furry friend. Below are a couple of our best electronic dog door options for you and your goliath fur baby. For medium to large breeds, we love the High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door. If you have a dog exceeding that, then you may want to scroll down for the best electronic dog door options suited for your extra-large dog.

Moreover, the illuminated board, audible and visible wire breaks, controls auxiliary switches and variable field width control. More so, the transmitter recognizes a discretionary backup battery that keeps the frame functional in the event of a power failure. Besides, a Power Pet door has a motor drive and neckline. Furthermore, it has a translucent door panel that is of high quality, impervious chewing gum. Moreover, an automatic lockout highlight provides more security for your home, providing a secure front door against intruders and lost creatures.

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Then once through, the door then locks securely behind your pet, reducing the risk of any unwanted animals or strays following your dog into the house. The smart key has an adjustable range up to three feet and the door can be programmed for up to five pets, so good for a multi-pooch family. There are also three modes, so you can choose locked, manual or automatic and the unit is battery operated so no need for wiring. It is also easy to install, although you will need a tunnel extension for thicker doors, and you will also need to buy a conversion kit if the door is to be placed into a wall. But for a solid and straightforward smart pet door at an affordable price, the PetSafe gets the PetSide thumbs up.

The doors and glass arrived on time and were installed at my request at 6am before I started work. George and his colleague were very flexible, professional and accommodating. They offered to test the doors with my new puppy and provided helpful advice. A very friendly team and a pleasure to work it.

An electronic dog door also helps you to have greater control over your pet’s movements at home and where they can and cannot go. They can also work well in an apartment, for example, as a replacement panel in a sliding door. Not all electronic pet doors will work for all dog sizes so it is important to check the door panel size against the size of your own pet to ensure it will fit. The location of the door is also important when considering different products so be clear as to whether you are looking to fit it in an existing door or a wall. Activated via an ultra-sonic collar, the motor driven door has a smooth movement as it slides vertically, and its directional sensors means it only opens when your dog is ready and willing to pass through.

Can’t wait for it. Highly recommend. Overwhelmed with the high level of customer service.

That way, anything that would be trapped in the opening can easily push the door back up. Installing your pet door will vary in complexity, based on the specific model that you’ve chosen. Some sliding glass dog doors simply need to be placed on the sliding door’s track. Before you purchase or install any electronic dog door, it is important to measure your dog to make sure the dog door is big enough for him. There are different types of electronic dog doors available for purchase that operate differently.

What’s more impressive is the accurate, efficient sensor that reacts to the included collar. When placed on your dog the door will detect your pet’s movements and open as he approaches.

It helps lower both your heating and air conditioning bills. Not true! With a pet’s newfound freedom, they might be running in and out the house more often than not. Having a pet door can allow the outside air to come in the house, and if you are in harsh climates, this is not good news. In order to cut down on your energy bills be sure to look for pet doors with strong magnetic strength.

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