Classical Old School RuneScape MMORPG

The fans of the classical massively multiplayer online role-playing games may be glad to find out about Old School RuneScape. It was created and released by Jagex in 2013 as a rebuild of the original RuneScape with numerous improvements and new content. The game even has Android and IOS versions since 2018. In terms of gameplay, it is a simple but popular point and click RPG with an open world and interesting plot – everything you expect from a game of this genre.

Features of the game

One of the main features of Old School RuneScape is an elaborate system of collectible items that can be sold or used to improve the stats of your character. You can stumble upon different stuff, including the variety of rings, like for example Brimstone Ring osrs, which play an important role in the gameplay too.

Types of rings you can find or create:

  • Standard. Nothing special: have a low price and do not give a huge boost; sometimes even serve as a mere decoration. This type includes Opal, Jade, Zenyte, Topaz, Dragonstone, Diamond rings, etc.
  • Enchanted rings have a higher value and can give a useful buff to the character. Pursuit, Efaritay’s aid, Suffering, Stone, Returning are some of the enchantments you can apply to your ring.
  • Fremennik type of rings. The best choice for improving attack or defense stats of the character. There are only four rings of this type that are suitable for the corresponding combat classes.
  • Wilderness rings can be obtained by defeating bosses in the corresponding location. The best way to use them is to increase the performance of the weapons.
  • Transformation rings like Coins, Easter, Nature, Stone and 3rd age are quite rare but not the most valuable in terms of usefulness.
  • Other rings. The Brimstone Ring that was mentioned before falls into this category with many other rings.

Choose the items wisely

It is obvious that various rings have different effects on the character’s stats and you have to decide what you prefer. There are a limited number of the slots for wearing rings, so your choice must be well considered. Creating some of them requires rare components and others can be obtained only after completing special quests or defeating powerful bosses. However, the benefit you can get is definitely worth your effort.


Old School RuneScape is a reissue of a classical MMORPG that has dedicated players all over the world. One of the main features of the gameplay is the use of the rings that can change the stats of attack or defense of your character. The system of buffs may seem simple at a first glance but in reality, it is quite complicated and requires some time investments to understand fully. That is why it is important to take some time to gather information.

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