Enterprise, Enterprise Connect, RFID and happy/creepyness

Just returned back from Enterprise Connect down in Orlando and encountered two different applications of RFID tech – one happy, one bordering a little on creepy.

First, I picked up my car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Hmm, why hasn’t someone done a commercial tie there yet?). The vehicle was equipped with TollPass, a solution that automagically paid the tolls on Florida’s roads as I was driving to and from the airport and rolled them onto the on-file credit card.   Cost is $2 per day with a ceiling of $6 dollars for the entire rental period.

If you’ve every done the whole toll road scene, you know how convenient this is, especially in a rental car on business where you want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

And then we come to the Enterprise Connect 2012 badge. It has an RFID tag in it, which is way more convenient/less awkward than the fumbling world of optical character badge scanners, which usually require two or three tries before they collect data.   The smaller RFID scanners in use at Enterprise Connect just require a quick bump against the plastic badge, so it’s quick and easy to “scan” a badge at a booth or going into a keynote session.

What I didn’t expect was an email shortly after I went into the keynote, asking me to evaluate the session.

I mean, I appreciate the need for feedback and collecting detailed information, but the suddenness of it was a bit jarring. Maybe it’s my closet Luddite/Libertarian streak kicking in, but it might have been nicer to get a single email at the end of the day, I think.

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