The launch of DougonTech

Seriously, do I really need another blog — in the words of my father, “Like you need another hole in your head”?

Weel, kinda-sorta-yes.

I come across “stuff” that doesn’t cleanly fall into the buckets of HD Voice News ( or IP Communications aka

And I’ve been doing a lot of writing for Green Data Center News ( along with a number of space/satellite columns for TMC on its Satellite “channel” (

I know I’m going to come across “stuff” at CES which won’t fall into the HD Voice News or DougonIPComm buckets. Not a lot, but some.

So DougonTech will be an anchor point for “stuff” and listings of what I’m doing over at Green Data Center News and TMC’s Satellite/Space section. At some point, space news may get dumped into another bucket, er website.

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