The most expensive PC gaming experience

Computer gaming industry is one of the most profitable segments of the market of entertainment services today. Next gen games require more performance capabilities from the PC internals each year and the gamers are pushed to update their systems more often. The most powerful NVidia graphics card of the newest generation costs like a cheap car and the price of it is too high even compared to the previous year flagship. But what about a good gaming computer overall, how much will it drain the bank account to buy the ultimate experience?

Be ready to break the budget

The most expensive gaming PC changes every year. As it was already mentioned, the price on the components and the brand is what really matters. 8Pack OrionX holds the position of the most expensive gaming computer by mid-2020 and comes at 30000$ for the retail version at the US market. It is essential to mention that the article does not consider the custom PCs that may cost even more. Moreover, stated price is for the system unit only, which means you will have to invest even more money to purchase a good 144 Hz monitor and gaming accessories of high quality.

Reasons for the outstanding price

Let’s be honest, no one needs a 30000$ gaming computer to get great performance. It is easy to get high FPS numbers even in modern games for the much lower price tag. So why do people buy such expensive PCs?

What adds to the price?

  • Top tier internal components from the leading manufacturers are the first reason for the ridiculously high price. The most expensive gaming PCs may contain several graphics cards and multiple processors to boost the performance.
  • Brand name and flashy externals. Gaming computers have evolved to be of particular design with colorful backlights and transparent system blocks, that add to the cost significantly. Although, some of these components have practical applications, like for example water-cooling systems, others don’t.
  • Innovative features and design solutions of the most expensive gaming computers also influence the price a lot. Essentially, you pay to be among the first customers to try out some new functions that are supposedly superb.
  • The use of the premium materials in the manufacturing of the system blocks. Such materials as carbon fiber or chromed steel have just cosmetic functions for the most part.


8Pack OrionX is the most expensive serial gaming computer today. However, the situation can easily change within a short period of time. As long as the market has the demand for such high-end solutions, the biggest companies will try to offer their one for the highest price possible. Arguably, more than 30% of the price of such PCs is paid not for the performance but for the visual design features and premium materials.

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