Get the most out of your Sega Genesis Mini

Sega is a company well known for being one of the innovators on the market of gaming consoles in the early 1990s. The popularity of the brand and its market share has significantly decreased since then due to the development of mobile and PC gaming, but there are still some dedicated fans that are ready to support Sega. Sega Genesis Mini was launched in 2019 on the Japanese and US market as a reissue of the legendary Sega Genesis console. It did not make a breakout, but enthusiasts were glad to buy quite a large part of the consignment. The purpose of this article is to give the information that will help to get the most out of such a retro gaming experience.

Get rid of the limitations

Sega Genesis Mini comes with 42 preinstalled retro games like Contra: Hard Corps and Earthworm Jim. However, the issue is that the list of the games depends on the region the console is sold in. Some games have no Japanese versions and others are only for the market of Japan. Therefore, many customers come up with the reasonable question: “How to Hack Sega genesis mini?”

The choice of 42 games is quite limiting, considering the price of the console. It comes at around 80$ at the US market and the price on the separate game cartridges may vary. The good news is that enthusiasts have created the Lunar Project application for Windows that can help to install the additional games on the console through the computer via USB cable. To install the program you need to follow all the instructions on the official website or just watch the tutorial.

Why do you need to hack Sega Genesis Mini?

It is obvious that outsmarting the system by hacking it is not the best option if you want to support the company, but unfortunately, it is the only option sometimes.

Reasons to hack the console:

  • The inability to get access to some coveted games is the main reason. As it was already mentioned, some games have no localization and are not available on particular markets.
  • It is more convenient for some users to have the games on their computers and not on the tangible cartridges that can be lost or broken. There is no need to store the games on the cartridges because Sega Genesis Mini has 512 Mb of internal storage.
  • Some users try to save their money and still be able to enjoy the classics. Popular games that may be the reason to buy this console sometimes cost a significant amount of money.

Final thoughts

Sega Genesis Mini can offer the retro gaming experience to modern customers, but sometimes it is not enough just to buy a console. Preinstalled 42 games may not include the exclusives you want to try and the price on them on the market may be too high. That is why hacking the console is a viable choice.

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